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Ending Senseless Police Violence of Unarmed Citizens under Pretense of Law

By Marlon Aldridge, Sr.

When a police officer kills a law-breaking, physically confrontational, unarmed person when other nonlethal measures were available, we should not fault him solely. We should fault them that authorized his violent response. We should fault politicians because it is they that sanction and enforce institutional behavior such as the senseless killing of American citizens by law enforcement officers under the pretense of law. Read more...


Do Black Children Think That White Children Are Smarter Than They Are?

By Marlon Aldridge, Sr.

This is a discussion that I have been having mostly with myself but would like to put it into the public domain.

In general, I do not think that black children think that they are smarter than white children or that they value doing better than average or “C” work in school. My opinions are based on my own observations in limited settings. To wit, I have taught over 18 years in 8th grade, 9th grade, and college classrooms. Read more...


The Absurd Notion of Black Buying Power

and the Folly of Black Advertisers

By Marlon Aldridge, Sr.

“African-American’s Buying Power Projected to be $1.1 Trillion By 2015” (Black Enterprise)

Lately Black advertisers, especially those affiliated with the National Newspaper Publishers Association, report or commission studies about Black buying power. This is a manipulative practice (e.g., propaganda) used by Black advertisers in an attempt to convince big retail executives to spend advertising dollars with them because they supposedly have access and nuance understanding of the Black consumer market. My thought is this. In trying to manipulate big retailers, Black advertisers are unknowingly perpetuating negative perceptions they have of Blacks anyway (e.g., Blacks are poor because they spend all their money). Propaganda is the most efficient and productive method used by “power” groups to control “out of power” groups (e.g., American ethnic groups, especially Blacks). Imagine exerting very little effort to get a group of people to think negatively about themselves without them perceiving that you are doing so. Nothing else gets the job done better. Here’s another assessment of the subtle message propagated by the media and Black advertisers. Read more

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